Greyhounds News · Attending Pope Athletic Events 2020-21

Pope High School Athletic Events 2020-21

  • This message is for all our Pope Greyhound Fans and Fans of our Visiting Teams, who are planning to attend Pope Athletic Events this fall.
  • First, all fans coming to events at Pope High School will be encouraged to socially distance from others. We do ask that Family groups sit together while in attendance.  After the games, we are encouraging fans to leave as soon as possible; let’s save those conversations with players until the ride home or when you see them at home later.  Please do your best to not gather and create unhealthy and avoidable situations.
  • All fans will be screened including having temperatures taken before entry to an event.
  • Masks are always highly encouraged to be worn at events.
  • Our ticketing process is different, so please listen to the following:
    • All tickets are Digital.
    • All tickets should be purchased through our GoFan site, which can be accessed by going to , go to More at the top, and then Get Tickets at the bottom.
    • We do have a seating capacity for each venue. You must have ticket for entry to any event as we have a limited number of fans per game.  Games will sell out so be prepared that the opportunity to come to Pope events may not be available at times this fall.
    • Our top priority right now with ticketing is our parents. We want to first make sure the parents of both teams have the opportunity to buy tickets and then, we will do our best to make tickets available for students and other fans.
    • Please do not get dropped off on campus without a ticket for the event. You will not be allowed entry without a ticket.
    • GHSA, CCSD, Officials, and Retired passes and badges will be accepted.
    • Pope High School is not doing an All Sports Pass this year.
    • Recap: Please frequent the Pope GoFan site for tickets to our Athletic events for the 2020-21 school year. Only persons with an unvalidated ticket will be allowed entry.  There are no walk-up tickets to be bought nor do we have any cash purchases.  There is a great probability that varsity softball and varsity football games will be sold out.
  • One way you can still see the Greyhounds play is through our Live Stream function on our NFHS Network site. This link can be found at, click the More tab at the top and Watch Live at the bottom of the menu.  There is a subscription fee.  But this is one way you can follow live action of all of our fall sports teams when they are playing home games.
  • Additionally, our concession stands will look different this year. We will only be selling prepackaged food and drinks, so please understand that our ‘solid’ food menu will be drastically less. You and your family may want to try to eat dinner before attending events especially the events scheduled later in the evening.
  • Thank you for understanding that things are different this year. Please be patient with us as we implement our required guidelines and make changes accordingly.
  • Finally, please remember we are all on the same team and that any change or modification from our normal operating procedures is so that our student-athletes can enjoy the chance to return to playing the sports they desperately missed and love so much. Thank you for your support and Go Greyhounds.