Greyhounds News · Activity Driver Training-anyone interested!

Anyone interested in being an activity bus driver for Pope High School is welcome to inquire and complete the required upcoming coursework….With bus drivers in short supply, sometimes it is hard to get a bus at the time we need it for our athletic trips….More activity drivers would be an upgrade for us to be able to leave Pope earlier each time….

Who can be an activity bus driver?….Coaches, Parents, Community Members!

How do I become an activity bus driver?…See the attachment below

Is there compensation to drive the bus? YES, YES!!!….each trip pays $55 and there is a supplement after a person has driven a minimal number of trips!

If I am interested, who do I contact….Please email Pope AD, Josh Mathews if interested….

How to become a Cobb County School District Activity Driver


Here are the dates for the next certification class that will be offered for those interested in becoming Cobb County School Bus certified…

We have the dates set for the next Activity Driver training.  Training will be held at Pitts Transportation Center located at 620 South Cobb Drive, Marietta GA 7:00 am – 4:00 pm except on testing day.
Wednesday, January 2nd|
Thursday, January 3rd
Saturday, January 5th
Tuesday, January 8th
Wednesday, January 9th (testing day)
Activity Drivers will then be required to drive 6 hours of training with students.

Remember, please follow the instructions of how to become an activity driver…We hope to hear from nay who might be interested in helping Pope High School and Pope Athletics!